Why vaccines are important (and anti-vaxxers are scumbags)

The internet is a marvellous place that gives us cat videos and memes galore. It also forces us to confront some more asinine displays of human sentience.

Case and point are the anti-vaxxers. People who believe in their heart of hearts, that vaccines are not to be trusted, government conspiracies, that cause autism.

Now, much has been written in an attempt to debunk the myths peddled by the likes of Jenny McCarthy and Pauline Hanson, but still the human mind is nothing if not resilient, and for some the information of crackpot websites is worth more than a medical degree (or the base level ability to critically analyse information).

Here’s a pearl of wisdom that was anonymously left on a blog.

well here in America, we are progressively challenging the bloated and expensive vaccine schedule and are telling doctors and legislators: “Show Us the Science, and Give Us the Choice.” yes i took this from an anti vaccine website — so what, get over it.
Your children may be healthy now, but you will never know how healthy they could be without all the toxins you are giving them. you Gals, have yet to answer my looming question – what is your explanation (don’t care if it is scientific or not) of the growing number of neurological and other disorders? please..I would really love to know?? If your child or (someone you know), suddenly develops lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, or any other auto immune disorders later in life.. you may consider you lended a hand by inundating them with toxins.

Sadly, some completely preventable diseases are now making a comeback, due to the refusal of some to vaccinate themselves and their children. In 2015, there was an outbreak of measles at Disneyland, attributed to people not vaccinating their children. Herd immunity is important for a reason.

People are too quick to forget what it is that vaccinations work towards; protecting us from a myriad of deadly, disgusting, and debilitating diseases. For the people who live through these diseases, vaccination is no joke.

Here’s just some of the ways people suffer from now preventable diseases.

Warning: Some of the images below can be quite distressing. 


Polio is ghastly. It destroys the nerve cells in the spinal cord, deteriorating muscle and causing paralysis. It leaves sufferers unable to walk, live independently, and even kills.

Children at the Cheshire Home for Handicapped Children, Freetown, Sierra Leone
Patients in an Iron Lung, a machine enabling those whose respiratory muscles had deteriorated (due to polio) to breathe.


You wouldn’t wish smallpox on your worst enemy.

A smallpox victim being consoled.
A child afflicted by Smallpox. 
The vaccine for smallpox was pioneered in 1796 by Edward Jenner (relation unknown) when he demonstrated that by using the cowpox virus in a vaccine it helped to build immunity from smallpox. Thankfully smallpox was the first (of hopefully many) disease to be eradicated through the concerted use of a worldwide vaccination program.

Whooping Cough.

Whooping Cough is brutal. Anyone who exposes a baby (who is too young to be vaccinated) to this by not vaccinating themselves is literal human garbage.

So in conclusion, vaccinate yourself, and your children. 


Want to do something? Here you can purchase vaccines through UNICEF, both as a donation, or a gift for someone else. 



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