Life in Aleppo, Syria

This month the Syrian Civil War rages into its sixth year. Everyday the death toll rises and more and more lives are ripped apart by the senseless violence.

The only real windows into life in Syria are citizen journalists; local Syrians who broadcast the realities of Syria onto the internet for the world to see.

One of these citizen journalists is Malek Blacktoviche, a photojournalist who uses his Instagram Account @syriandeveloper to give us a glimpse into life in Aleppo.

He posts pictures from the market,

children playing in the street,

the sunset,

and even snaps of cats.

Against these uplifting mages, Blacktoviche also shows bloody, destructive scenes of Aleppo.

WARNING: Some of the images below are graphic.

Buses get upturned in the street to block the path of snipers.


The only life on some Aleppo streets are the weeds growing through the road.


Neighborhoods smoke,


streets are filled with rubble and debris,


and the elderly are bombed out of their homes.


People rummage through the rubble of their homes, salvaging what they can.


Dolls are stained by blood,


and children are pulled from the rubble of bombed buildings.


Meanwhile, the Instagram of the Syrian Presidency shows a Syria a world away.



Here’s hoping that current peace talks in Geneva bring a promise of peace in some form.


Header Photo: Youtube/The War of the Worlds


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