Africa, through a different lense

While the horrors of Boko Haram and Ebola are most of what we see of Africa in the West, there is so much more to Africa than the consistent media image of genocide, terrorism and famine.

Africa is diverse continent full of diverse nations, people and culture. Scroll through and see a very different side of Africa.

Boys run into the surf at Oysterbay Beach, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. //Photo by Sam Riddle.
Schoolgirls skip in Mbeya,Tanzania. //Photo by Sam Vox
A barber smiles from his shop in Kibera Slum, Nairobi, Kenya. //Photo by Edward Echwalu
A woman in Gagnoa, Côte d’Ivoire. //Photo by Nana Kofi Acquah
A couple embraces. //Photo by Nana Kofi Acquah
A group of men laugh around a meal. //Photo By Desi Dixon

A passionate supporter of Uganda’s football team rises above the crowd. //Photo by Edward Echwalu
In a universal tradition, an older sisters helps her younger sister learn to ride a bike in Zanzibar. //Photo by Sam Vox
A boy helps his friends exit the waters of Stonetown, Zanzibar. //Photo by Sam Vox.
A couple watches the sunset in Benin. //Photo by Ricci Shryock

Like what you see? Look up Everyday Africa on Facebook or Instagram to see a different side to Africa.


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