The sea of troubles

You’ve probably read or seen on the news that something bubbling in the South China Sea.  Here’s a 90 second rundown of the basics.   Header Image: US Navy ship in the South China Sea, Naval Surface Warriors/Flickr

Paradise lost

We’ve heard about it for years now. Sea levels are rising! The world is warming one degree Celsius! Climate Change is here!  For most countries it’s put to the bottom of the pile because there’s ‘more important things to worry about’ or because for some, it simply doesn’t exist. In the last 20 years sea…

Battleground Syria

For the last four years Syria has become synonymous with death, terror and war. What’s happened and why are we were we are at?

Sierra Leone days from ending the spread of Ebola

Sierra Leone is only a few days from being declared Ebola Free by the World Health Organisation.  On Saturday it will hopefully have been 42 days without a new Ebola patient which is brilliant news for Sierra Leone. It doesn’t mean the fight is over as there are still countries fighting Ebola, like neighbouring country Guinea….